Paws All-Out

​Daycare and Boarding Services

Puppy introduction

*Meet-n-Greet Required* (4 hours)

One of our staff members will evaluation your pup to make sure they are good fit along with our other clients. It is a pass or fail, but can be re-evaluated in the future. (This is a drop-off evaluation, parents of pups do not stay for this orientation!)

Please call at least 24-48 in advance to book a Meet-n-Greet. These orientations occur mid morning to allow for the best quality of playtime with our other fur clients!


We focus on kennel-free daycare fun for our fur friends. A majority of their time is spent roaming the facility to allow for as much freedom as possible as well as time out in the yard. 

In addition, we have multiple package prices for 1 or 2 dogs!


Please call at least 48 hours in advance to allow for ample preparation within our facility for your pup. If scheduling day of, there will be a $10 late notice booking fee.

Cancellation Policy: $40 non-refundable deposit will not be returned upon cancelling within 48 hour window.

We can provide house food, frozen treat kongs, and private walks (please check pricing).

BNE (Bath, Nails, Ears)

**Prices based on size of dog and only for daycare or boarding dogs**

We want to provide an opportunity to give your fur baby a cleaner return home without the inflated prices of a groomer. We take pride in our baths and want the best experience for you and your fur baby.  We have choice between our regular house shampoo or deshedding shampoo at a $5 up-charge. In addition, we use a high velocity dryer to get those nasty loose hairs off their coats!

**If you are aware of issues with your pup becoming slightly aggressive during nail trimmings, please advise the staff prior to scheduling your BNE.**

Schedule An Appointment

We love caring for our furry friends! Contact us to set up a Meet-n-Greet or to schedule our pet services. 

Opening Times:

Monday - Saturday: 7am-6:30pm

Sunday: 8am-1pm

Thanksgiving and Christmas: Boarding Only

Contact & Email

(727) 233-6006

[email protected]


9344 Little Road

New Port Richey, FL 34691